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How to Fill out an Injury Claim/Notice

Step 1: Sign in by clicking on Enter Protected Area button above using the password provided ended in 84.
Step 2: Scroll down till you see these options.

Step 3: Choose if it’s a Customer or Employee injury.
Step 4: Start to fill out all boxes necessary * = necessary to fill out.
If it asks for a number please be sure to fill in as a number N/A DOES NOT WORK.
Step 5: Add a picture or a video if you have it. These are SUPER important when it comes to claims.
Step 6: Click Submit.
You must see HOMER SIMPSON. If you DO NOT see Homer Simpson your form is NOT COMPLETE.
Step 7: If you see this again (pic) please click on the option you chose in Step 3.

Step 8: You will then see this warning. Scroll till you see in red what was missed.
Step 9: Fill in all that’s been missed.
Step 10: Hit submit again.
Step 11: HOMER… means this injury has officially be posted. You are now complete!
Please repeat steps when doing a follow up. Always make sure you see HOMER if you did not see HOMER your report is NOT POSTED.

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